What is wrong with it helped improving my English grammar?

If you use the Concordance function in ACORN to check the word helped, you will easily see what the problem is, and what to use instead. This is how you do it:

a) Click on English

b) Click on the box which is to the left of General English Texts, and then click on Continue >>


c) Click on Concordance


d) Type helped in the search box and then click on Search


e) Click on Display Results


f) Click on Sort Results


g) Click on the radio button Main Sort > word after keyword > 1st, and then click on the grey box Sort results


h) Now you can see that the first word after helped is in red. Look at the pages of examples by clicking on the page numbers and see if you can find helped followed by improving.


i) On page 5, you will see there are NO examples of helped followed by improving (or by any other words ending in “-ing”). But there are 3 examples of helped improve from line 234 to 236. And notice also the examples of helped hold, helped host, helped house, helped imbue and helped implement (hold, house, etc are bare infinitives of the verbs).


This should make you confident to use helped improve (and NOT helped improving).

If you have time for more research, and look at page 11 to 18, you will see that there are many more examples of helped to; this would be an even better choice. Indeed, if you use Secondary Sort > word after keyword > 2nd, you will actually find several examples (lines 728-743) for helped to improve.