What is wrong with in more details?

If you use the Concordance function in ACORN to check the word details, you will easily see what the problem is, and what to use instead. This is how you do it:
a) Click on English

b) Click on the box which is to the left of General English Texts, and then click on Continue >>


c) Click on Concordance


d) Type details in the search box and then click on Search


e) Click on Display Results


f) Click on Sort Results


g) Click on Main Sort > word before keyword > 1st ,and Secondary Sort > word before keyword > 2nd, then click on the grey box Sort results


h) Now you can see that the first word before details is in red and the second one is in green. Look at the pages of examples by clicking on the page numbers until you find in more d… 


i) On page 7 , you will see a lot of examples of more details. But none of them is in more details


j) Follow the same procedures as shown above, but this time search for detail (because the problem is that the phrase is either in more details or in more detail). This time, you will see a lot of examples of in more detail on pages 13 and 14.



This should make you confident to use in more detail (and NOT in more details).