What is wrong with documentation about the project?

If you use the Concordance function in ACORN to check the word documentation, you will easily see what the problem is, and what to use instead. This is how you do it:
a) Click on English

b) Click on the box which is to the left of General English Texts, and then click on Continue >>


c) Click on Concordance


d) Type documentation in the search box and then click on Search


e) Click on Display Results


f) Click on Sort Results


g) Click on the radio button Main Sort > word after keyword > 1st, and then click on the grey box Sort results


h) Now you can see that the first word after documentation is in red, and that there are 2 examples of documentation about.  



2 examples of documentation about are not very many, if you remember that we have 828 examples of documentation. So, what other words (prepositions) could we use instead of about? As you look at the pages of examples for documentation, you will see many examples of documentation for (from page 5, line 249 to page 6, line 274), documentation of (page 10, line 285 to page 12, line 558) and documentation on (page 12, line 559 to 579). You should use one of these, after looking carefully (you can use Sort results and Secondary Sort > word after keyword > 2nd to help you) at the words (now in green, if you have used the Secondary sort option; notice that they are mostly nouns) that come after the preposition, and find the one that most closely matches the noun you want to use.