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Aston Corpus Symposium: Friday May 4th 2007

Aston Corpus Symposium
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We would like to thank all of you who attended the Aston Corpus Symposium and made it such a memorable event. We would also like to thank again all of the people who contributed to the planning, preparation, and administration. In particular:

Professor Malcolm Coulthard (who suggested the event and its initial shape)
Dr Christina Schaeffner (Co-ordinator of ISLS - the Institute for the Study of Language and Society, under whose auspices the event was held - for her invaluable advice and suggestions)
Professor Nigel Reeves (Pro-Vice Chancellor for External Relations, Aston University, for his opening speech)
Dr Beverly Adab (who welcomed attendees on behalf of the School of Languages and Social Sciences and ISLS)

The Invited Speakers
Professor Susan Hunston (Birmingham)
Professor Wolfgang Teubert (Birmingham)
Professor Michael Hoey (Liverpool)
Bill Louw (Zimbabwe)
Dr Mike Scott (Liverpool)
Professor Bill Dodd (Birmingham)
Dr Patrick Hanks (Masaryk)
The Session Chairs
Professor Malcolm Coulthard, Dr Urszula Clark,
Bill Louw, Ramesh Krishnamurthy
LSS Support Staff
Rose Hunt (finances)
Margarita Seresht (room bookings)
Mingqing Jia (folders, flyers)
Sue Morton (stationery)

The Symposium Staff
Iztok Kosem
Husman Ahmed
Stefan Baumgarten
Wei Liu
Sarah Haas
Nicci MacLeod
Aston Staff
Aston Catering, AV Support, Marketing Department, Reception, Security, and Porters
Funding and Support
FLDC, the Aston Distinguished Visitors Fund, AMLRF, and the publishers (OUP, CUP, Routledge, Palgrave Macmillan and Lincom Europa)
We would also like to express our gratitude to the following people who have generously donated their materials to be displayed on this site:
Primož Jakopin - for his wonderful photo of John Sinclair
Carmela Chateau - for her video & mp3 audio recordings of the Symposium proceedings
Aston Marketing - for the photos taken by their photographer
Christina Bayon - for the photos she took on the day
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