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We have various multimedia from the Aston Corpus Symposium. We are still attempting to get copyright permissions for those materials. This page will be updated frequently; please check back for updates.

ACORN (Aston Corpus Network) - Ramesh Krishnamurthy (Aston University)
The beginning of something important...? - Michael Hoey (& Matt O'Donnell) (University of Liverpool)
Corpus linguistics and translation equivalence - Wolfgang Teubert (University of Birmingham)
Beyond patterns: what is often said in English - Susan Hunston (University of Birmingham)
(We regret that only the Powerpoint slides of Susan's presentation are available; there is no soundtrack accompanying the presentation)
Semantic Prosody in FL Teaching and Learning - Bill Dodd (University of Birmingham)
Homing in on the Text-Initial Cluster - Mike Scott (University of Liverpool)
The Organization of the Lexicon: Semantic Type and Lexical Sets - Patrick Hanks (Masaryk University, Brno)
Are Literary Works and their Worlds "thrown together" through Collocation? - Bill Louw (University of Zimbabwe)
John Sinclair Tribute - Wolfgang Teubert, Michael Hoey, Patrick Hanks, Bill Louw and Ramesh Krishnamurthy