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1. ACORN (Aston CORpus Network): Corpora for Language Learning and Teaching
1.1 2005-6: £35,000 from the Flexible Learning Development Centre; corpora in English, French, German, and Spanish, and parallel texts for Translation Studies; plus £5000 from FLDC in 2006-7, 2007-8, and LSS in 2008-9, for placement student programmers 1.2 2006 onwards: PhD students: Dr Iztok Kosem, Dr Tom Richens, Simon Isserlis, Lizzy Tanguay 1.3 2007: website launched (200 visits per month); access to corpora for all Aston staff and students using Aston-id and password (4,000 searches per month) 1.4 2009 onwards: Strategic Investment Fund: Dr Mike Scott, Reader in Corpus Linguistics; Garry Plappert, Lecturer in Corpus Linguistics 1.5 Corpus Events: Symposium (2007, 2008, 2009); Postgraduate Conference (2008, 2009); Summer School (2009, 2010, 2011) 1.6 Distinguished Visitors: 2007 - Bill Louw (Zimbabwe); 2009 - Dr Michael Barlow (Auckland)
2. GeWiss (GEsprochene WISSenschaftssprache kontrastiv)
2.1 Spoken Academic Discourse - English in comparison to German and Polish 2.2 Funded by the Volkswagen Foundation: € 550,800 from 2009-2012 2.3 Partners: Aston University (UK), Herder-Institut Universität Leipzig (Germany), Uniwersytet Wroclawski (Poland)
3. The Discourse of Climate Change
3.1 (2007-8): £1000 from ACORN; newspaper corpus of over 400 million words; 600,000 articles from 1980-2008, in English (USA and UK), French, and German 3.2 (2009-10): £14,300 from Centre for Sustainability and Innovation; corpus of Corporate Sustainability Reports from Brazil and India 3.3 (2010-11): £14,300 from Centre for Sustainability and Innovation; updated newspaper corpus, 2008-2011 3.4 (2011-12): Energy Security corpus under construction
4. Feminism (with Dr Sylvia Jaworska, QML, London)
5. COMENEGO: Multilingual Corpus of Business and Economics (with Daniel Gallego Hernández, Alicante, Spain)
6. European Phraseology Project: Estudio lingüístico, diatópico y traductológico de las construcciones verbales fijas más usuales en español: una base de datos fraseológica, de las 2000 expresiones más frecuentes en español, así como su traducción en inglés, francés, alemán, catalán y árabe; un estudio del papel que tienen estas expresiones en la enseñanza de la lengua española y si a tal efecto son comprendidas por los estudiantes de español. 6.1 Partners: Alicante (Spain), Paris XIII (France), Bari (Italy), Aston (UK)