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Project Overview
Stage 1: 2006:
Corpora for teaching and learning: Funded by the Flexible Learning Development Centre, Aston University.

Outcomes/Outputs and Evaluation:

A. The project will significantly enhance teaching and learning by providing these outcomes and outputs:

  1. Corpora in English, French, German and Spanish (minimum 5 million words each, maximum 10 million words each), including specialized corpora wherever possible.
  2. Translation corpora (minimum 1 million words for each of the 4 languages).
  3. Software (suite of computer programs) to process and analyse the data, and produce outputs (minimum: frequency lists, concordances; some exercise templates and testing templates).
  4. Documentation for corpora and software.
  5. Dissemination of project achievements and training of staff in use of corpora.

B. Evaluation will be both quantitative and qualitative, consisting of:

  1. measuring corpus sizes achieved
  2. a questionnaire to staff after training, concerning value of resources, ease of software use, value of outputs for teaching, etc

(post-project: student module evaluation questionnaires will reflect their reaction to use of corpus resources by staff; later, student access will be reflected in their progress and projects)