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Silvia de Candia (University of Naples Federico II – Italy)
Evaluation in TV news discourse: a corpus-based study

Laura Cantora (University of Leeds)
Identifying proper names in a trilingual corpus of chick-lit novels

David Evans (University of Nottingham)
“You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off”. Taboo words as emphasizers and amplifiers.

Joe Fagan (Aston University)
Analysing Modality in Learner Writing

Adriano Ferraresi (University of Naples “Federico II”, University of Bologna)
Identifying collocations in specialised corpora: a preliminary Investigation combining frequency and semantic information

Robert M Foster (University of Wolverhampton)
Controlled Specific Learning Objectives

Mikko Hoglund (University of Tampere)
Tough-Construction in British English Non-Fiction Texts 1550-1950. A case study of difficult

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Noor Mala Ibrahim and Ummul K. Ahmad (University Teknologi Malaysia )
The structure of Engineering Lecture Discourse: the case of Malaysian classrooms

Simon Isserlis (Aston University)
The Language of the Sea: Using corpora to identify usage of maritime expressions in the “English speaking world”.

Kerstin Lindmark (Stockholm University)
Investigating L2 influence on translations into L1 in beginners’ translations – a corpus-based approach

Ming Huei Lin (University of Birmingham)
Evaluation of writing by computerized measurements and human raters -A pilot study

Cathy Lonngren-Sampaio (University of Hertfordshire)
The construction and exploitation of a computerised corpus of child bilingual language.

Chiara Nasti (University of Naples Federico II)
The Road from Lisbon: Movement Metaphors in the British Press.

Viviane Possamai (University of Birmingham)
Sintagmatic associations in Medical articles and the development of a corpus-based tool to help translators

Sixta Quassdorf (Univeristy of Basel)
“you are quoting Shakespeare” – a corpus-based study on Hamlet quotations

Manuela Reguzzoni (LEND Lingua e Nuova Didattica)
Investigating IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP)

Tom Richens (Aston University)
Enhancing Wordnet by parsing usage examples and corpus data

Danica Salazar (University of Barcelona)
Native and non-native writers’ use of lexical bundles in general and scientific English

Tanja Samardzi´ (Universit´e de Gen´eve)
Light verbs and the lexical category bias of their complements

Marianne Spoelman (University of Oulu, Finland)
A corpus study on written Finnish learner language: The use of the Finnish partitive case

Laura Strakova (University of Birmingham)
Treating the Untreatable: Conceptions of Personality Disorder in Psychiatric Discourse

Caroline Tagg (Birmingham)
cant believe you forgot my surname, Mr NAME242. Ill give u a clue, its spanish and begins with m…
Issues in anonymising a corpus of text messages

Lizzy Tanguay (Aston University)
Learning to learn: encouraging learner autonomy using data driven learning with ACORN

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