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Silvia Bernardini (University of Bologna, Italy)
Do we still need corpora (now that we have the Web)?
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Kate Beeching (University of the West of England, Bristol)
And your point is…? Subtext and a corpus approach to interactional pragmatics


Alistair Baron (Lancaster University)
VARD 2: A tool for dealing with spelling variation in historical corpora
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Anne-Marie OBRETIN (University of Exeter)
Studying the language through the corpora: the Italian case
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Daphne Theijssen (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Using the ICE-GB Corpus to model the English dative alternation
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Fanie Tsiamita (University of Liverpool)
Polysemy and Lexical Priming: The case of drive
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Friederike Mueller (Freiburg University, Germany)
Analysing corpora of present day spoken English: Current changes in the English modals

Guadalupe Ruiz Yepes (Aston University)
Corpus Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition - The use of ACORN in the teaching of Spanish Grammar
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Irina Dahlmann (University of Nottingham)
Multi-modal spoken corpus analysis and its relevance for key issues in language description: the case of multi-word expressions

Laura Strakova (University of Birmingham, UK and CERGE-EI, Charles University, Czech Republic)
Constructing BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER: Some Corpus Evidence from Research Psychiatry

Manuela Reguzzoni (LEND Lingua e Nuova Didattica, Italy)
An investigation into a pedagogic corpus of Maritime English (ME)
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Miriam Buendsa (University of Granada, Spain)
Parameters Specialized Texts Should Fulfil In Order To Be Part Of A Corpus

Richard Goldie (Aston University)
You take the upper road and I'll take the lower road: The functions of antonym co-occurrence in technical discourse

Tess Yushan Ke (University of Birmingham)
Idiomaticity and Collocation: The Case of Phrasal Verbs

Tom Richens (Aston University)
The Construction of Anglo-Norman Text Corpus

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