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A: ACORN Tutorials: The ACORN Tutorials are designed to help users who are new to corpora, or new to ACORN (the Aston Corpus Network), and would like to know more. We also provide some case studies to show language students how to use ACORN to find examples that may help them to decide which word or phrase to use in specific contexts, how to correct their own mistakes, etc If you are not a language student, some of the case studies may help you to improve your language skills, especially your academic writing.

1. Why do we use a corpus? HTML page and doc file
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2. More information about the texts in the ACORN corpora:
a) English corpora
b) French corpora
c) German corpora
d) Spanish corpora

3. How can we use ACORN to check our own draft essays?
a) Is "documentation about the project" OK? HTML page and doc file
[Chinese version] HTML page and doc file
b) Is "it helped improving my English grammar" OK? HTML page and doc file
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c) Is "in more details" OK? HTML page and doc file
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B: ACORN Case Studies The ACORN Case Studies are preliminary reports drafted by Ramesh about several pilot research activities conducted in 2006-7 using ACORN with students.
C: General Beginner's Corpus Awareness Exercise This exercise was created by Ramesh for a Virtual Summer School in 2008 on the distance MSc TESOL programme at Aston. The document also contains many links to useful websites, and an extensive reading list.
D: Some ACORN and RELATED PROJECTS Presentations:
1. 07/12/05: Ramesh Krishnamurthy & Emmanuelle Labeau: Words, texts and genres: Applications of corpus linguistics (LSS School Seminar, Aston University)
2. 12/05/06: Ramesh Krishnamurthy & Iztok Kosem: ACORN - the Aston Corpus Network (Staff Development Seminar, Aston University)
3. 20/01/07: Ramesh Krishnamurthy: ACORN (the Aston Corpus Network) (ETAS Conference, Solothurn, Switzerland)
4. 06/03/07: Ramesh Krishnamurthy: Corpora - from language description and lexicography to language teaching and learning (Natural Language Processing Group, Dept of Computer Science, Sheffield University)
5. 22/05/07: Ramesh Krishnamurthy: From Corpus-Driven-Dictionaries to Corpus-Driven-Language-Learning ('Corpora and the study of language' Symposium, Centre for European and International Studies Research, Portsmouth University)
6. 11/02/08: Ramesh Krishnamurthy & Steven Chen: The ACORN (Aston Corpus Network) project - helps you to learn languages, academic skills… and Computer Science? (Research Group in Computational Linguistics, Wolverhampton University)
7. 04/07/08: Ramesh Krishnamurthy: Using the ACORN (Aston Corpus Network) corpora for pedagogic purposes ('An Introduction to Corpus Linguistics' Workshop, Centro de Formación Permanente, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)
8. 04/07/08: Ramesh Krishnamurthy: ACORN (Aston Corpus Network)- PRACTICAL EXERCISES ('An Introduction to Corpus Linguistics' Workshop, Centro de Formación Permanente, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)
9. 14/09/10: Sylvia Jaworska (QM London) & Ramesh Krishnamurthy:On the F-Word: A Corpus-Based Analysis of the Media Representation of Feminism in English and German Newspapers, 1990-2009 (CADAAD 2010 - Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines - Conference, Lodz, Poland)
10. 08/02/11: Ramesh Krishnamurthy: Using Corpora for Autonomous Correction and Improvement of Academic Writing (English Studies Group Research Seminar, LSS, Aston University)
11. 16/03/11:Ramesh Krishnamurthy: ACCESSING ALL AREAS: Corpus Analysis methods in inter-disciplinary applications (York St John University, Centre for Languages and Linguistics (CELL), Language & Identities in InterAction (LIdIA) Research Group, English Language and Linguistics Colloquium series, 2010-2011)
E: Some work by Ramesh Krishnamurthy:

For Ramesh's CV click here

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JOHN SINCLAIR (1933-2007)

TIM JOHNS (1936-2009)
After many years of working at Birmingham University, Tim started working with Ramesh Krishnamurthy in 2008, and was appointed Honorary Visiting Fellow on the ACORN project in October. Sadly, he fell ill that Christmas and died early in 2009.
PETER ROE (1935-2010) When I came to Aston in August 2004, one of my first tasks was to take over as Tutor on the Lexical Studies module on the MSc TESOL by Distance Learning programme that Peter had tutored before me. I corresponded with him by email for a few months, but then sadly lost contact. His CV revealed the extraordinary range of academic activities that Peter had undertaken since 1965.