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Svenja Adolphs (University of Nottingham)
Investigating Pragmatic Functions in Spoken Corpora

Khurshid Ahmad (Trinity College, Ireland)
Of Provenance and Breeding: Whose corpus is this?

Kate Beeching (University of the West of England, Bristol)
Corpus approaches to sociolinguistics and semantic change: parce que bon...
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Silvia Bernardini (University of Bologna, Italy)
Collocations in translated language: issues, insights, implications
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Kieran O’Halloran (Open University)
Corpus-assisted literary evaluation
 Presentation Slides   Presentation handout

Ramesh Krishnamurthy (Aston University)
Using the ACORN (Aston Corpus Network) corpora for pedagogic purposes
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Tony McEnery (Lancaster University)
The construction of Islam in the British and American Press 1998-2005: A corpus-based (keywords and collocates) analysis
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Paul Thompson (University of Reading)
Disciplinary variation in assessed writing for undergraduate programmes
 Presentation slides in PDF format 

Chris Tribble (King's College, London)
Knocking at the doors: gate keepers and authors in research writing: - a study of writing practices in the journal Acta Tropica
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